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Car wallpapers

Its really lovely!!!Seems to be lively!!Great captures!


A great documentary. And informative narrative. good work.


Effroyable mais super reportage !


dang! that's a lot of paparazzi's there.. lol! i wonder why those punctures never bleed.. great images! :)

Rach (Heart of Rachel)

The tradition surely draws a big crowd. He is very brave to go through all that.


these are such great pics but can't imagine someone actually doing that.


Oh, that must have been really painful...

Excellent documentary, Sidney!

ghee didnt bleed at all?
so miraculuos!!


Brave man! Impressive crowd, great series!


your images of this are amazing work!

again it's the faces of the assistants that i find most interesting.

flo g

I don't like at all these manifestations.. They are all crazy men.
YHowever your captures are good !


I always like photos of massive crowd. I don't know why. No particular reason at all. Your pictures of the sea of people and those photographers are such a hit for me.

Wim van der Meij

Very interesting series. I am glad they did not put the nails through sinews or bones.


I can imagine the pain just looking at those nails deep in my skin. Arggh!

Ashish Sidapara

Wow, this is crazy, not sure if i would have had the courage to photograph the process!


WOW that must have hurt! Amazing images. How did you get so close to the action with all these people?


great serie..Well done compositions..Moving captures..Bravo!


It looks like everyone has a camera.:D

The closeup photos of the nailed hand and feet are just amazing. Why is he not bleeding at all?

I can't wait for the crucifixion photos of you-know-who!:D


I'm amazed by the scrum of people, and can imagine it was quite a 'physical' gathering. I'm more interested in your approach, where you've positioned yourself, your frame selection, etc. Very interesting. :-)


Aië aïe aïe.... ça fait un peu froid dans le dos quand même ces clous...
Une belle série de photos mais je t'avouerai que je ne suis pas très à l'aise dans ce genre de manifestation.


what happened to the other guy?

Gérard Méry

Nous y voilà le clou du spectacle tant attendu, et pas une goutte de sang en vue, c'est dé blague !


Very strong images in this surreal event somehow!


le temps s 'est arrete a Paques pour toi???? et la résurection alors?? c 'est vrai que je supporte mieux l'épreuve des clous sur mes photos que sur celles des autres ... pour ne pas dire que je ne supporte plus ... :-))


Is this for real? Real pins in the hands and feet?

My god. That is a real determination there!

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